We are happy to announce our representation of Infinium Walls.

Infinium was founded by Shawn Gaffney in 2003, after he spent nearly twenty years in the architectural wall industry. Shawn’s aim was three-fold. 1. To create products that marry form and function. 2. To establish a rock solid operating foundation using state of the art equipment, the latest technology, and the best minds in the industry. 3. To listen to the market in order to continuously improve our products and drive innovation. Infinium is proud to say that they’ve stayed true to these principles as their business grows.

Infinium’s vision is pure and simple: to define glass walls. To perfect that balance of clean, contemporary aesthetics and superior acoustics. And to offer best-in-class lead times from right here in the USA. Their office walls are more than just an assembly of parts—they are the lens through which a company is viewed. That’s why they work tirelessly to provide the finest engineered solutions for architects, contractors, and customers alike.

Below is a brief overview of Infinium’s product offerings:

Quantum: A prefabricated single or double butt-glazed system designed to be sleek and rectilinear, with a horizontal profile to marry functionality with striking minimalism.

Refine: An award winning unitized demountable system is easily adjustable, provides the best in acoustics, is engineered to each project’s specifications and pre-assembled for a quick install. Refine can be Unitized or Butt Glazed.