We are happy introduce two new product offerings – Martin Brattrud’s Anacapa and Cumberland’s Isla.

Martin Brattrud’s Anacapa Lounge Chair features a welt detail that wraps the perimeter of chair. Anacapa measures 34”w x 33.5”d x 29”h x 17”seat height x 21”arm height x 19.5”seat depth. Metal base is available in a variety of standard powder coat colors including metallics and neutrals. See the standard powder color offerings, here.

For more info on Anacapa, visit: https://martinbrattrud.com/products/product-series/anacapa

Cumberland’s Isla double bench and lounge series

The bench product features 4 seating sections that can be combined with each other or with any of the 4 lounge sections. The curved elements are available in a compact 22.5 degree bend and a 45 degree curve.

For more on Isla Double Bench, visit: https://www.cumberlandfurniture.com/product/isla-double-bench/

For more on Isla Double Lounge, visit: https://www.cumberlandfurniture.com/product/isla-double-lounge/