BenettiMoss has partnered with the makers of new patented fabric technology, called theBreath, resulting from research by Anemotech.

theBreath is designed to absorb and disaggregate harmful particles in the air and helps to fight domestic and atmospheric pollution caused by cars, heating systems and industrial emissions.

The fabric’s purification process entails 3 layers that work in synergy – the front layer is printable and antibacterial and helps air transpiration; the core layer is a carbon mesh that absorbs, traps and disaggregates polluting molecules and bad smells; and the back layer is printable and antibacterial.

theBreath can be used both indoor and outdoor, applications include schools, child care facilities, automotive industry, offices and on buildings, fences and billboards along roads or near parks.

Remember:It is not important where you breathe, but what you breathe.

Download theBreath brochure here: BenettiHome_TheBreath_Catalogo2019