Mecho’s newest manual window shade solution, the Mecho/5x, is the latest innovation on the clutch that started the industry. The Mecho/5x “super-powers” our industry-leading Mecho/5 clutch enabling you to lift larger, longer, and heavier shades with less effort.

With the Mecho/5x, you can now control exponentially larger shades with less effort providing a better experience for building occupants.

A greater angle of chain pull allows for greater versatility when there are furnishings or other obstructions in front of a window.

No matter the size of the shade, the pull force is within ADA standards, something that our competitors cannot say about their shades.

The Mecho/5x controls up to twenty-four feet of shading with one control and minimal effort–four feet wider than our closest competitor. Not only does Mecho/5x make it easy to operate large shades, it allows you to control light better and maintain your design intentions, whether through multi-banded shades on one manual control or eliminating light leaks and multiple pull chains.

When installed with EcoVeil®, EcoVeil Sheer, or AcoustiVeil shadecloth, the Mecho/5x is the only complete window-shading system with Cradle to Cradle BronzeTMcertification.